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Gift Giving Love Language

Today, one of the most common relationship issues that are faced by people, is the struggle to express their love in a meaningful way. Well, love is an adhesive of a relationship but some people find a hard way to express it. If you find yourself stays in this situation, knowing about the gift-giving love language is what you need to do.

By learning the love language, you will find a way to express your feeling. It will not only ease you to express the feeling but also deliver the touches of heart to please the partner.

Gift Giving Love Language

The Overview of Love Languages

About the love language, the closest reference to be used is the argument of Dr. Chapman. He decided the love languages into several different ideas. The kinds of love languages are:

1)    Words of affirmation

The word of affirmation is the first love language that should be known. it is about expressing affection using spoken words, appreciation, or praise. To deliver the biggest love using this idea, some ways could be applied, such as using uplifting quotes, cute text messages, and others.

However, here, the word of affirmation will work well if you learn about the speaking ways. It means the most important matter to be considered at this point is how the love words are told.

2)    Quality time

The second love language that should be known is quality time. This gift-giving love language can be meant when a person puts their cell phone down on the table and then gives eye contact and actively listening.

It could be seen as a simple matter to do. However, that is quite meaningful, since what you do to your partner shows that your partner is an important person that you want to give more focus on.

3)    Physical touch

The physical touch becomes another love language to be known. Of course, physical touch is not only about sexual activity. The love feeling could spread through some physical affection such as holding their hand, touching their arm, or giving some massages to release their pain.

Many kinds of physical touch could be used as a way to express true love. It also could be said that every partner has their expression that could be given to their partner.

4)    Act of service

When the primary love language of a person is an act of service, they will feel loved when a person –or you, do kinds of nice things for them. Whether it is only a simple matter that you do, such as putting gas on the car or other, it will be a very meaningful thing to them.

Then, a person with this kind of love language is also happy to help others. They will feel getting another love by doing some matters to others.

Well, that is all about the gift-giving love language that you need to know. Try to identify the kinds of love language of your partner to get the best way to show your expression.

Description: gift-giving love language is an important matter to be known so you could find the best way to express love and kinds of affections to the partner.

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